Replay Fashion Week New York
8. February, 2017

Highlights of the New York Fashion Week 2017

Exclusive catwalk at 10,000 metres

En route to Fashion Week New York enjoy exclusive fashion shows on board a Boeing 747-8. The popular New York fashion designer Rubin Singer is offering you a preview of his women’s collection before the actual Fashion Show in the Big Apple. The catwalk is high above the Atlantic Ocean.

And our air hostesses’ uniforms are also influenced by fashion trends. In a further fashion show our Lufthansa crew will model the look of the past 60 years. And in tune with this retrospective, the jumbo jet has had a 70s-style facelift. Every passenger on flight LH 400 from Frankfurt/Main to New York on 8 February 2017 is invited to take part in this unique event – irrespective of booking class.

Fashion Week New York

Fashion goes Gadget

Wearables are fully on trend. Small sensors in accessories that you wear on your body record movement data, heart frequency and UV radiation or stream music wirelessly.

Bellabeat Leaf

Bellabeat created Leaf Nature and Leaf Urban having in mind the importance of women's health. They are both health trackers in form of smart jewelry and they are connected to the matching app where users can track their activity, sleep, reproductive health, meditation and stress. Both Leaf Nature and Leaf Urban come in Silver and Rose Gold and can be worn as a bracelet, a necklace or a clip.


The LEDs in the bracelet react to movement, music and friends in the vicinity who are also wearing a Gemio. The colour designs of the LEDs as well as a vibrating alarm signal events to the wearer, without the need for him or her to view a screen. The light patterns can be varied through the use of interchangeable elements (tiles).

The Helix Cuff™

The Helix Cuff™ is the world's first trendy wearable wrist cuff with an extractable smart wireless Bluetooth® headphones. In a sleek and stylish format, the Helix Cuff™ ensures that the gadget is always at hand in a chic manner. Featuring glossy metal and sturdy silicone for everyday use, the bracelet serves as a stylish holder for a Bluetooth headset with superior sound quality. The minimalistic headset features high-quality speakers including a built-in microphone, multipoint connectivity, smart control, and water resistance. The Helix Cuff is available in a number of elegant colors to complement its unique design and each user's lifestyle.

The experts

During the flight there will also be a number of fascinating presentations on the topic of fashion. In order to ensure that you can see and hear everything from your seat, Lufthansa has installed an inflight conference system on board the Boeing 747-8. With your WLAN enabled device (laptop, smartphone, tablet) you will receive the presentations via live streaming, as well as the moderation for the fashion shows.

Strategic Partnerships, Northern Europe - Instagram

Heiko Hebig

„Fashion Digitalization“

Managing Director, Co-Founder Kreait

Maks Giordano

„Fashion Wearables“

PhD, Chief of Technology and Research at Manufacture NY

Amanda J. Parkes

„Fashion Tech“

Flying and Breitling are inseparable. Pilot watches are an essential part of the Swiss manufacturer's collection.

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