Special flight and exclusive Pre-Conference
7. March, 2019

Open New Horizons - Travel to the heart of the digital future with Lufthansa to SXSW 2019

Fly direct from Frankfurt to SXSW with Lufthansa's FlyingLab on LH 448, a special, nonstop flight to Austin on March 7, 2019!

Digitalization is building a future that keeps on changing before our very eyes. Let Lufthansa’s FlyingLab take you to the global center of that change: SXSW in Austin, where music, film, culture, and entertainment merge with digital technology to shape the world to come.

Join us on March 7, 2019, for this very special, direct FlyingLab flight from Frankfurt to Austin that will provide an exceptional opportunity for intense interaction among like-minded professionals. During the flight, crucial questions facing creatives across the world will be presented via live presentations by key innovators seeking technological solutions. 

And it will all get started at the opening gate event before the flight, where you can meet your peers traveling with you to SXSW, and continue to network throughout the flight, share ideas, and gain valuable insight into the increasingly local nature of our globalized – and inventive – world.

To participate in the special Lufthansa FlyingLab flight to SXSW 2019 with LH 448 just need a ticket for that flight.

We hope to meet you there!

Experience the Future of Flying

PS: Beginning in May, 2019, you can fly direct between Frankfurt and Austin with Lufthansa five days a week on flight LH 448.

The speakers and interviews on board

Executive Vice President Innovation & Value Added Service

Jörn Leogrande

„Blockchain beyond the Hype“

Vice President Brand Partnership & Music Licensing & Live Entertainment

Lars Bendix Düysen

„The need for strong partnerships in the digital music age“

Director of Digital Marketing, Visit Austin

Katie Cook

„A Local's Guide to SXSW and Austin“

Director, Head of Customer Strategy & Experience

Upen Barve

„The Intelligent Future“



„Humanising the live performance of electronic music“


Moritz Simon Geist

„A speculative future of electronic music - with robots!“

Founder of DutchBlend

Kitty Leering

„Events are dead. Long live events!“

Global Senior Digital Advisor

Kunal Sachdeva

„How AI is shaking up the future of jobs and entertainment industry“


Johanna Leuschen


Varinia Bernau


Jörg Liebe

Product Owner Inflight Entertainment

Lukas Bohrmann

„WAT - World Air Tournament“

Head of Product Management

Marc Langsteiner

„The future of virtual aviation training within the Lufthansa Group“


Markus Beckedahl

„EU-Coprightreform - The fight around #article13“

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FUTURO – A, The World’s Highest Experiment in Empathy Engineering

The Waldorf Project has been shattering boundaries of art, performance and perception since its very first ‘Chapter’ in 2012, and it continues now to be a revolutionary voice. Through its most recent iterations, the team has been sharpening its inimitable creative process, shifting ever nearer to what is now known as ‘empathy engineering’. Having first tested their theories in London, through “FUTURO”, they proved with certainty that the energies of individuals could be connected, and that empathy could be engineered through a creative transformation of the senses, augmented by an intricate algorithmic orchestration of space and technology. 

Now for the first time in aviation history, passengers will be connected as participants in the world’s first fully immersive and integrated performance staged at altitude.

After years of psychological research, artistic collaboration and scientific experimentation carried out by the Waldorf Project, individuals, once strangers, will be synergised – becoming one homogenised organism in a moment of cohesion. The experiential artwork is not just a demonstration of how the Waldorf Project continues to shift the boundaries of how art is manifested and perceived – it might even have implications far beyond the ‘artistic’ or even ‘creative’. ‘FUTURO – A’ will open our eyes to the prospect of what could be the future of flying. 

Fundamental to such a visionary undertaking is the complete collaboration with, and submission to, the creative process by every department involved. For ‘FUTURO – A’, the Waldorf Project team have been granted unprecedented access to an Airbus A330, transforming the aircraft like never before, into something truly magical. 

With the rules and restrictions around aviation being so high, the challenges in overcoming the strategic, legal, and logistical hurdles faced by the Waldorf Project in this particular instance were immense. And yet, as with previous ‘Chapters’ – this time, through the means of a brave partner in FlyingLab and with the support of Lufthansa – The creator and director of the project, Sean Rogg and his team have been granted the extraordinary opportunity to be unrestrained in imagination, making the impossible possible.

All 288 passengers on board, regardless of their seat, will be integrated in a plane-wide experience, designed to create empathy at 35,000 feet.

Live music performance on board

Kelvyn Colt

Regarded as “one of the most promising emerging rap artists from Berlin” by Hypebeast. It’s more than evident why Kelvyn Colt is recognized as one of the pioneers in the hip-hop scene of Germany’s metropolis. It is because of his deep and powerful vocal capabilities, he has gained the support of many heavyweights in the music industry.

Growing up in Germany, Kelvyn Colt was always aware there was more to life than the small town he lived in. Being bilingual and growing up between two cultures, with a Nigerian father and German mother, Colt started to develop his interest in poetry and writing at a rather young age. As Colt often states it was ‘being raised by the internet’, that introduced him to the inspirational sounds of artists as KiD Cudi and Tupac. Soon after his discovery Kelvyn turned his parent’s garage into his first and very own music studio. 

Being the first in his family to find his way to Berlin to attend a prestigious German law school on a scholarship, he figured out he needed more from life. After only three weeks he dropped out and decided to expand his musical horizon abroad. He bought a one-way ticket to London on Lufthansa flight LH914 and enrolled at a business university in the UK. It was when Colt go to London, that his career as a rapper really started to take off. Doing a total of two sessions with famed platform COLORS, dropping his first EP named after the Lufthansa flight ‘LH914’ and his second 'MIND OF COLT PT.I'.

Fast-forward to where Colt stands now, being named ‘Artist to Watch’ by YouTube in 2019 and also becoming a ‘VEVO DSCVR’ act for the same year, the tone is set for Kelvyn Colt at just the start of 2019. Now boarding another Lufthansa flight to Austin, Texas for SXSW, Colt has a promising year ahead.

FlyingLab Reception at German Haus

Open New Horizons

Join us for intriguing presentations and live-performances at the German Haus at SXSW on March 9!

For this event we have brought together leading digital innovators and cutting-edge artists who show how technology can unleash our human, creative powers.

Guest speakers, including Stephan Zeh, Head of Audi Mobility Service USA, Natalia Karbasova, Burda Bootcamp, Sean Rogg, creative director of the Waldorf Project, Susanne Steinmassl, Director and Video Artist and Katrin Zimmermann, managing director TLGG will reveal the complexity of staging a full-immersion performance during a transatlantic flight, and discuss the future of digital mobility, transportation and health.

Live performances by the artists Chagall and Moritz Simon Geist will draw you into fantastic, new worlds of sound and vision.

Hope to see you there!

When: March 9, 2019
Where: German Haus
Doors open: 09:00 am.
Start: 10:00 am.
End: 12:30 pm.

Register here:

The speakers and interviews at our reception in Austin

GM of Silvercar by Audi and Head of Audi Mobility Services

Stephan Zeh

„From Metal to Mobility: How OEMs Are Embracing New Premium Service Models “

Hubert Burda Media, Head of Burda Bootcamp & Founder FitTech Summit

Natalia Karbasova

„Fitness is the new religion: Why fitness & health is the leading theme for the next decade?“

Managing Director, The Americas at TLGG Consulting

Katrin Zimmermann

„Competition or Cooperation? A perspective on (digital) innovation across the ocean“

Artistic Director The Waldorf Project

Sean Rogg

„Using Trauma, AI and new technologies to Engineer Empathy“

Director and Visual Artist

Susanne Steinmassl

„The Future is Not Unwritten“

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First live music performance at the reception

Moritz Simon Geist

Moritz Simon Geist, classical musician and robotics engineer, is inventing the future of electronic music – with robots! Each sound in his performances is played by a sonic robot: small motors beat on metal, 3D-printed robo-kalimbas vibrate with deep bass sounds, and salvaged parts from old hard drives click and cut.

Second live music performance at the reception


Chagall is an electronic music producer, songwriter, singer, and performer. By integrating the MI.MU Gloves interface into her work, she choreographs all aspects her performance through the movement of her hands. The performative and emotive power of her live computer music connects audiences to themselves and those around them.

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