FitTech Summit 2019
4. Juni, 2019

Lufthansa FlyingLab at FitTech Summit 2019: Fitness for Every Step of Your Journey

Visit the Lufthansa FlyingLab stand at FitTech Summit in Munich on June 4 and discover how digital health can impact your travel experience.

People naturally seek comfort. The desire to improve our surroundings has been driving creativity at least since we first learned how to make a fire. Fast-forward 1,000,000 years or so, and we find ourselves in the digital age where technology gives us an even greater understanding of our physical condition. From the inside out, digitalization is helping us understand our personal health as never before. Just as a warm fire comforts us on a cold night, these new knowledge sources are laying the foundation for more peaceful and productive physical and mental well-being.

As the innovation platform for Lufthansa’s digitalization strategy, the FlyingLab team is on the lookout for ways these emerging technologies can make flying a better experience for passengers, since every aspect of air travel is also a question of comfort – from the quality of the seat to a relaxing environment during flight. And what better place to discover how to integrate air travel and digital health than at the FitTech Summit 2019, Europe’s first conference on fitness innovation, health, and lifestyle.

Lufthansa FlyingLab will join the start-ups, corporations, and investors converging on Munich in June to learn about the latest developments in personal health. From fitness technology, to functional fitness and an active lifestyle, the newest discoveries in our quest for well-being will be on display.

Get smarter while you fly? Lufthansa FlyingLab and brainboost are leading the way!

Stop by the Lufthansa FlyingLab stand while you are at FitTech and try out the Brain-Pilot-Experience, a game developed in collaboration with brainboost, and see for yourself just exactly how neurofeedback harnesses your brain’s activity.

Maneuver the path of a model Lufthansa plane up and down, or turn it in midair without lifting a finger: instead, your thought processes pilot the plane. A simple game on the surface, the Brain-Pilot-Experience demonstrates how neurofeedback is profoundly altering our ability to improve many aspects of our lives: whether you are a business person, creative performer, or student looking for better results, or as a means to overcome the challenges of everyday life, neurofeedback helps people access a state of focus and calm, of mindfulness and presence.

The partnership between Lufthansa FlyingLab and brainboost is also looking at future applications of neurofeedback for your flying experience. The time spent up in the air could be used to immerse yourself in games that enhance a skill of your choosing, like meditation or concentration.

So visit us at FitTech, pilot the model plane, and share your ideas on how to unite travel and fitness with us!

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