Exclusive APEX EXPO pre-conference event
7. September, 2019

Powering the Next Generation of Passenger Experience

Travel with Lufthansa FlyingLab to APEX EXPO and immerse yourself in challenging ideas and new music before even setting foot in Los Angeles!

On board LH 452 from Munich to Los Angeles, you can gain insight from Passenger Experience leaders, partake in a Design Sprint, and hear a live, musical interpretation of the Airbus A380 aircraft, all at cruising altitude.

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In-Flight Conference

An exclusive gathering of industry leaders will explore the latest trends driving change in Passenger Experience. Lufthansa, Lufthansa Systems, Lufthansa Technik and zeroG will be present alongside representatives of other industry partners. Leading digital service and content providers will demonstrate advances in digital tools.

The following speakers will join us on board flight LH 452 to Los Angeles:

CEO Lufthansa Systems GmbH & Co.KG

Olivier Krüger

„Host and Moderator“

Senior Director Digital Innovations

Dr. Jörg Liebe


Chief Executive Officer

Jeffrey Goh

„Don't worry, be happy: before, during and after“

Head of Passenger Experience Design, Lufthansa Group

Guido Woska

„Digital onboard experience in the future“

Head of Corporate Marketing

Ulrike Behrens

„The impact of VIP aircraft on passenger experience“

Vice President Cabin Marketing

Ingo Wuggetzer

„Airbus Future Passenger Experience“

Medical Doctor

Philipp Heiler

„Neuro-Technology for mental fitness and well-being“

Head of Marketing, PR & Events

Lukas Kaestner

„Well-being in flight – how cultural, health, and technological trends influence global aviation“

Managing Director

Jan-Peter Gaense

„The future of the digital cabin“

Senior Vice President Product Innovation

Dr. Helge Sachs

„Innovating seamless user experiences for passengers, crews and MROs“

Head of Marketing & Communications

Ansgar Lübbehusen

„Make gaming a relevant and interesting part of the customer experience“

CCO, Chief Commercial Officer for Gladi8tor holding BV

Paul Staadegaard

„Make gaming a relevant and interesting part of the customer experience“

Chief Experience Officer

Gerhard Kaltenborn

„Improving on-time departure using artificial intelligence technology at the gate“

Senior Business Data Analyst

Aman Bhattarai

„Improving on-time departure using artificial intelligence technology at the gate“


Dr. Constanze Schreiner

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Digital On-Board Experience of the Future

Let your imagination take flight! This FlyingLab provides a rare opportunity to sharpen your creativity at 38,000 ft. Volunteer for the Design Sprint co-creation session with Lufthansa Group's Head of Passenger Experience Design, Guido Woska, and work collaboratively with other passengers to create products and services that enrich passenger experience. The results of the workshop will be presented during the flight, and the best ideas will be turned into prototypes by Lufthansa for implementation on flights in the future.

Live Music Performance

Praml und Wild: A Symphony in A380!

Where are you now? Listen closely. Does your workplace hum? Does your house rustle? What about on an airplane? Usually we try to shut out the background noise of air travel: Our hearing is programmed to ignore predictable noise. But just like raw pigments become a painting, everyday sounds can make music.

This is the challenge the FlyingLab team gave to musicians Gregor Praml and Sascha Wild for their live performance on board flight LH 452 to Los Angeles for APEX EXPO on September 7. How to bring the buzz and click, hum and rumble of an Airbus A380 – today’s largest commercial aircraft – to life through music.

Join us on September 7 and hear how Gregor and Sascha interpret the magic of travel inside this incredible machine as it glides like a bird on the wing to Los Angeles!

Musician, composer, and producer, Gregor Praml creates powerful electronic soundscapes during his one-man performances on double bass. Drummer, keyboardist, and sampling artist, Sascha Wild is a sculptor of sound. He augments the audible dimension of everyday life and translates our perception of sound into music. Together, they develop individual sound concepts for the musical presentation of products and at events. From acoustic sound logos to live performances, anything is possible for the duo. Learn more at pramlundwild.de.

Digital Innovations on LH 452

Pocket Sky

Test the wearable at the gate and on board during flight

Natural light runs our body clock. Working into the wee hours of the night, getting up while it is still dark to get to the airport . . . the demands of contemporary life mean we are often out of sync with natural light. And this extended day means stress for our physical well-being.

The inventors of Pocket Sky have found a remedy to dispel that stress. They captured the blue light found in daylight that signals our body clock to be awake and well.

This elegant lightweight wearable sparkles biologically active light onto your face and activates you whenever you need it most - and minimizes jet lag.

Neurofeedback –Train your brain with neurotechnology

How can we train our brain the same way we train our body and muscles in the gym? Most people workout to improve their cardio, strength, or general level of physical fitness. But what about daily exercise to specifically increase our mental fitness and well-being? For better concentration, more efficient regeneration, creative workflows, and increased quality of sleep.

brainboost vision is to make mental fitness available to everyone. This means creating solutions for people from all walks of life. Medical patients, athletes, students, executives, and artists should have access to mental workouts at their workplaces and in hospitals, schools, universities, gyms, and even at home.

Utilizing neurotechnology, such as brain-computer interfaces, brainboost is making it possible to scientifically analyze the brain and create individually customized training protocols. With regularly applied brain training it is possible to improve performance and well-being.

Test and experience brainboost at the gate and on board during your flight to Los Angeles.


AERQ - Digitalizing the cabin experience

Innovation is taking two things that already exist and putting them together in a new way – Tom Freston

LG Electronics and Lufthansa Technik have joined forces with one goal: Digitalization of the cabin experience.

AERQ’s mission is to provide airlines with new playing fields for digital transformation of passenger experience on board the aircraft. The Welcome Board is a starting point. It is based on LG Electronics’ latest OLED technology and can be seen exclusively on board the Lufthansa FlyingLab to APEX 2019. 

OLED technology and aircraft - A match made in heaven

High-resolution OLED screens are light weight, flexible and less than 1 mm thick. Advanced material characteristics allow for curved and transparent displays, enabling the most innovative cabin concepts, for instance as ceilings panels, or a multitude of other possibilities.

AERQ’s Welcome Board contributes to the cabin experience in a variety of ways. It provides solutions for mood lighting, personalization, and customization at the touch of a finger.

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