Fashion Week New York

Impressions me Convention 2017

SXSW 2017

Fly to the SXSW 2018 with Lufthansa

Managing Partner & Co-Founder kreait

Maks Giordano


Strategic Partnerships, Northern Europe - Instagram

Heiko Hebig

„Innovation at Instagram, growing a Community from Zero to 500 Million“

Social Entrepreneur and International Development Expert Future Brilliance Afghanistan

Sophia Swire

„High Impact: Invest in Women“


Julia Lüke & Stefan Domke

„Virtual reality and more – The WDR in times of digital change“


Dr. Sabine Seymour

„Apparel as Data Platform“

DJ & Music Producer Mercedes-Benz Brand Ambassador

Felix Jaehn

„Changes in the music industry“

Creative Lead & Product Development LEGO Group

Melissa Pickering

„Unleashing Children’s Creativity through LEGO Play“

Director Marketing Communications Mercedes Benz

Natanael Sijanta

„Digital Experience at Mercedes Benz“

Journalist WirtschaftsWoche

Varinia Bernau


IBM Fellow, Internet of Things IBM

John Cohn

„Serious Play - An Engineer's Perspective On Success, Failure And Passion at Work“

Sugar Town Filmproduktion CINESONG

Milena Fessmann

Event/TV Host eSports News Reporter

Melek Balgün

Senior Director Digital Innovations Lufthansa

Torsten Wingenter


Embedded Intelligence Group, Deutsches Forschungszentrum für Künstliche Intelligenz Kaiserslautern

Prof. Paul Lukowicz

„Living in Mixed Reality“

Communication Officer ITER

Sabina Griffith

„Fusion energy and the yeast problem“

Head of Research & Trendscouting Vitra International

Raphael Gielgen

„The art of constantly reinventing the personal future“

Global Brand Lead Luxury & Beauty at Google | Head of Global Product Innovation and Premium Collection Design for Levi Strauss & Co

Camille Bénech & Paul Dillinger

„Project Jacquard“

Expert in Digital Innovation and Transformation Strategies IQ Gemini

Alissia Quaintance


Partner & Curator Summit Powder Mountain

David Denberg

„The Spaces Between Us: Community and the reinvention of brand as platform“

Head of Digital Innovations Lufthansa

Dr. Torsten Wingenter

„Future of Travel: From VR to FlyingLab“

Self-Driving Car Lead Udacity

David Silver

„Self-driving cars will change the world in ways we can’t even imagine“

Senior Project Manager Bundeswehr Cyber Innovation Hub

Jennifer Miksch

CEO Wearable Technologies AG

Christian Stammel

„Wearable Technologies beyond Fashion – Facts & Future Vision“


Lizzy Berlin

Head of She´s Mercedes Daimler AG

Kerstin Heiligenstetter

„The Emerging Constellation: She´s Rising“

Leadership Expert, Coach Angel Investor & Tech Executive

Alexis Rask

„Recruiting skills required for the 21st century“


Melanie Mohr

„What building a GenZ shopping app thaught me about reaching teens“

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