Experience mindful travel
7. November, 2019

Mindful Travel - Exclusive Conference on board LH 456

Get a head start on your path to inner peace en route to Los Angeles with the Lufthansa Mindfulness FlyingLab!

Fly direct to Los Angeles on LH 456 with FlyingLab on November 7, 2019 and learn how to make mindfulness your default setting. This special FlyingLab flight will delve into how increased self-awareness can enrich your life.

As the innovation platform for digitalization at Lufthansa, the FlyingLab is committed to discovering the latest breakthroughs in consciousness and better living and incorporating them into your travel experience.Assisting Lufthansa’s passengers on their quest for #LifeChangingPlaces, the FlyingLab experience means going out into the world and finding creativity as it happens.

During the FlyingLab on flight LH 456 you can watch live expert presentations about mindfulness, take part in a guided meditation, practice yoga with top trainers, and try out the latest wearables assisting us on our path to consciousness.

Questions relevant to contemporary life will be addressed: How do we put an end to our inner stress? The digital era’s mind-blowing expansion of our awareness of the outer world goes hand-in-hand with the demands of constant accessibility, of itensified work and social commitments. How do we balance the positives of our technological age with the downsides? Can even the unpleasant aspects of modern life, like the side effects of flying – delays, crowds, noise, unavailability – make room for increased self-awareness? And how can we work together to defuse moments of shared stress?

And a great benefit of living mindfully is making meaningful connections with others. Being open to the new perspectives that new relationships offer sparks the next great idea. When we feel true empathy for others, we are naturally driven to achieve a sustainable world that we all want to live in. 

So join us on our journey! Connect with fellow passengers on board also inspired by mindfulness, share your ideas, and learn more about how individual wellness reverberates to make the world a better place.

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