Replay Better Sleep
1. July, 2016

Lufthansa FlyingLab

Experience the future of flying

Your flight will become an unforgettable experience: In the Lufthansa FlyingLab, you can experience and test innovative products and services on board yourself.

Our Lufthansa FlyingLab took place on 1 July 2016 on the flight from San José, California to Frankfurt, on the subject of “Sleeping Better”. During the flight, passengers had the opportunity to get to know the Neuroon sleep mask, SleepPhones headphones and the Travelrest travel pillow.

Experience innovative products on board

On 1 July 2016, FlyingLab participants had the opportunity to try out innovative products on board. The following products were available:

Sleeping Mask

Neuroon, the first intelligent sleep mask, measures biological signals such as brain waves and pulse. Experience for yourself how Neuroon improves your sleep and performance using sleep analysis, light boost, jet lag blocker and other features. In addition to the mask, you will need to have a smartphone and the Neuroon app (Download AppStore | Download Google play).

Seat cushion

Guarantees that you have greater legroom on your flight: by simply placing the Spacerseat on your seat, you enjoy five centimetres more room for your knees and 14 centimetres more legroom. The comfortable seat area ensures that you spend a pleasant time in your seat, even on long-haul flights. The Spacerseat fits easily into your carry-on baggage.

Travel pillow

Sleep better on board: Travelrest is the only pillow providing complete lateral support to the upper body. Relax, fall asleep more easily and unwind thanks to Travelrest. The inflatable pillow stabilises the neck and body, stopping your head from falling forward. The patented ergonomic design provides you with proper support, preventing tension and neck pain.


Maximum comfort when you listen to relaxing music, audio books or your favourite songs: the soft SleepPhones headphones make this possible. SleepPhones are the first and most comfortable sleep headphones on the market. The patented headband design ensures that you relax and gently fall asleep.

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