Exclusive pre-conference and exchange event
12. March, 2020

All hat. No A lot of cattle

Welcome to the Lufthansa FlyingLab to SXSW 2020!

Why wait until you get there to be immersed in ingenuity? Join other creatives and tech aficionados like you on March 12 on LH 468 for this special, direct flight from Frankfurt to Austin with the Lufthansa #FlyingLab.

On board, presentations by leaders in digital innovation will give you exclusive access to the ideas driving this year’s festival in an intimate, conference setting. Live performances of music and art will expand the boundaries of your in-flight experience.

There’s a saying in Texas: All hat, no cattle. It means a lot of talk, but little substance to back it up. Be a part of the Lufthansa FlyingLab to SXSW 2020 and we hope you’ll agree, our hat is big, but we have plenty of big ideas, too, to inspire you on the way to Austin.

What Happens on Board

Immerse yourself in the ideas trending at SXSW 2020 with our select line-up of speakers and performers. During the flight, they will provide insight into how the interaction between digitalization and human creativity is transforming art and music as well as many aspects of our daily life. To participate, all you need is a Wi-Fi device, like a smartphone, tablet, or laptop.

On the Ground and in the Air

The Lufthansa FlyingLab isn't just on flights, but on the ground as well. Guests experience a series of events in airport lounges, at the gate, and during the conference. Stayed tuned to learn more about FlyingLab events at SXSW in 2020.

Meet our speakers on flight LH468


Hannah Klose


Dr. Jörg Liebe


Dr. Constanze Schreiner


Jan Claas van Treeck

„What Cyborgs can teach us“

Managing Director

Dwight Cribb

CFO Continental Europe & Africa  & SVP Business Strategy Division GSA

Philipp von Esebeck

„Music, Data & Innovation: A short update on how the music industry changed over the last years from transactions to reach “

CEO Lufthansa Systems GmbH & Co.KG

Olivier Krüger

Physicist and former Astronaut

Dr. Gerhard Thiele


Lars-Alexander Mayer

Manager Virtual Design

Sebastian Reher

Sci / Tech / Art outreach creator

Martine-Nicole Rojina

„…to Mars via the Moon and back - how sci / tech / art outreach projects prepare humanity for our future in space and on Earth “

Entrepreneurial Activist & Speaking Coach

Bianca Praetorius

Sr. Director of Customer Strategy & Engagements, SAP New Ventures & Technologies

Upen Barve

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Live music performance on board

Justin Jesso

Born into a family with musical roots, it’s no surprise that Justin Jesso chose to follow in his grandfather’s footsteps, a bandleader and favorite pianist of the infamous Al Capone in 1920s Chicago. Justin’s talent manifested early on: he composed his first song at age nine, performed in Chicago theater productions as a teenager, and released his debut album at just 18 years old. But his path wasn’t always smooth sailing. Like many successful people, Justin fought through setbacks and rejections, yet didn’t let go of his dream. Ultimately, his determination and talent would earn him the opportunities leading to his breakthrough.

After training as an actor, he returned to songwriting and was accepted to the Clive Davis Institute of Recorded Music at NYU. There he would gain experience and build a network of studios, producers, and songwriters that would later jump start his career in Los Angeles when he co-wrote the No. 1 hit Vente Pa`Ca (feat. Maluma) for Ricky Martin.

The door to his dream of becoming a solo artist opened in 2017 when he composed Stargazing. At first Kygo’s label wanted a bigger name on vocals because Jesso wasn’t famous enough. In the end, Kygo insisted that they let him sing his song, and the rest is history.

His latest release Bigger Than is about “being remembered for what we achieve—not for how wealthy we might get. It’s a very spiritual song. The lyrics relate to a life we can be proud of. It’s about doing the right thing at the right time, being a good person,” he says.  And on performing live, “You can only touch people if you’re honest and willing to open up your heart.”

Justin’s powerful voice and moving lyrics have touched the hearts of millions of fans. Don’t miss out on the chance to see him perform live on board the Lufthansa FlyingLab flight to SXSW 2020 and at our Exchange Event in Austin.

FlyingLab Exchange Event at german.innovation | HandleBar

Instead of A to B, why not go from A to infinity?

Join us on Saturday, March 14 from 11:00 am to 2:00 pm at the german.innovation | HandleBar in Austin. At this exclusive #FlyingLab exchange event, Lufthansa will be showcasing technology breakthroughs, panel discussions, live music performances and more.

Get inspired by our lineup of speakers! They’ll share their expertise with you on the ideas trending at SXSW 2020—from social action to the arts and business. Meet people intrigued by the divergent areas of entrepreneurship converging in the travel sector. And discover Lufthansa’s vision of how to harness this potential to enrich your life’s journey, now and in the future.

Get inspired by our speakers at the exchange event at german.innovation | Handlebar

Supreme Overlord (CEO & Founder)

Manfred Tropper


Rania Kim

„SOUND TASTING & Live Neural Vocal Duet Performance 'WIRE' by Portrait XO“

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