Replay SXSW 2017
9. March, 2017

Highlights from the SXSW 2017

Exclusive Lufthansa FlyingLab to the SXSW 2017

South by Southwest (SXSW) is a unique event showcasing the digital economy and the music and film industries. The Lufthansa FlyingLab to the SXSW event on 9 March 2017 is just as unique. Join up with other event attendees as we host an exclusive conference on board flight LH 440. Relax in a spacious Airbus A380, listen to presentations by inspirational speakers and test a range of innovative devices on your flight from Frankfurt to Houston.

Start-ups, music and films: The SXSW in Austin attracts a uniquely diverse blend of representatives from different industries. Yet digitalisation has significantly changed all three sectors. Disruption and innovative ideas are key themes at this event, the world's largest digital conference.

For you, SXSW already gets under way in Frankfurt, with an exclusive pre-boarding event at the departure gate. Then, from the comfort of your seat on board LH 440, you can experience inspiring live presentations in the Lufthansa FlyingLab, irrespective of your booking class. Using a WLAN-enabled smartphone, tablet or laptop, you can connect to the live video stream. There, watch digital experts and start-up founders who offer stimulating insights into their businesses. What's more, make the most of the almost eleven hour flight for in-depth testing of innovative technical products. Besides these activities, you will still have plenty of time for some interesting conversations. Start networking before you even arrive in Texas for the conference

Who will be joining you on board flight LH 440?

Among others there will be participants of the "WirtschaftsWoche Unternehmerreise" on board flight LH 440. In conjunction with the WirtschaftsWoche Club, the Management Forum of the Handelsblatt publishing group is organising this trip for forward-looking business owners. In addition to the editor-in-chief and other members of the WirtschaftsWoche magazine management, inspiring keynote speakers will headline the events on the ground in Austin. Also on board will be the ‘Gesamtverband Kommunikationsagenturen’ with Managing Directors and Digital Strategists from leading German advertising agencies.

Some of them will present at the The German Haus, the main meeting place for visitors from Germany. Lufthansa is partnering with the German Haus and will be hosting an event on 12 March 2017 from 6:00 till 8:00pm for all participants.

SXSW 2017

The speakers on board

EMEA Practice Lead Business Transformation

Curt Simon Harlinghausen

„Keep Austin Weird – 10 Years SXSW. 10 Things you shouldn't miss, and you won't believe No. 8“

Head of PR & Marketing

Dirk Schart, M.Sc.

„Leaving the reduced reality and into… …Augmented Reality, Mixed Reality, Virtual Reality?“

Chief Designer

Martin Wezowski

„Build a future we want to live in“


Harald Neidhardt

„Exponential Technologies for Good“

Mensch, Zukunft & Technologie RD/RTM Daimler AG

Alexander Mankowsky

Vice President New Markets

Ben Broshi

„Digitalization of conversation-Bots“

Vice President Business Development

Sebastian Blum

„Dedrone – Drone Security from Kassel to San Francisco“

VC Faber Ventures

Felix Petersen

„Technology disruption and startup entrepreneurship“


The video headset

Glyph is a personal home cinema and headphones rolled into one. Two lenses project video images from a smartphone, laptop or game console directly onto your retina in HD quality. While watching, your eyes remain partially aware of your surroundings, which is ideal on an aircraft: You can notice if the person seated next to you or the flight attendant is trying to get your attention. Glyph can also play 360-degree videos. By moving your head you can determine the picture detail. You can also flip up the video bar on your Glyph and use the device like a classic pair of headphones.


Silent flight

QuietOn earplugs do exactly what their name suggests. These earplugs can filter and block out up to 40 decibels of background noise. The batteries provide up to 50 hours of active noise suppression. This product is completely free of cables or complicated set-up procedures.


Stay connected to the people & apps you love.

Ringly bracelets and rings connect to your phone via Bluetooth and let you receive customized mobile notifications through vibration and a subtle colour-coded light. Furthermore, it track your steps, distance and calories burned without sacrificing your style. Set activity targets and receive alerts when you reach your goals.

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