Fly to the SXSW 2018 with Lufthansa

8 March 2018 with LH 440LH 440 from Frankfurt/Main (FRA) to Houston (IAH)*

Start the biggest digital conference in the world in Frankfurt before you even take off! With the Lufthansa FlyingLab, you get to meet the other participants at the pre-boarding event at the departure gate. Then, from the comfort of your seat on board Flight LH 440LH 440, you can follow the exciting live presentations, irrespective of your booking class. Using a WLAN-enabled device - a smartphone, tablet or laptop - you can connect to the speakers' live video stream. During the in-flight conference, experts will be offering stimulating insights into their subjects. What's more, make the most of the almost 11-hour flight with in-depth testing of innovative technical products. And you will still have plenty of time left for some interesting conversations. Start networking before you even arrive in Austin for the actual conference.

Book your seat on Flight LH 440LH 440 on 8 March 2018 now. For any further questions, send an email to:

Impressions FlyingLab exclusive pre-Event 2017

SXSW: Interactive, Film and Music

South by Southwest (SXSW) is the most famous event worldwide showcasing the digital economy and the music and film industries. At first glance, this is an unusual combination for a conference. Yet digitalisation has radically altered all three sectors. Disruption and innovative business ideas are key themes in these presentations as well as at the conference at Austin's Convention Center. There is also an extensive music and film programme at hotels, cinemas and bars, as well as on the open-air stages in the city centre. For ten days (between 9 and 18 March 2018) the Texan capital will be totally given over to the SXSW.

What is a FlyingLab?

The FlyingLab is Lufthansa's open innovation platform. Together with experts and partners, the airline is making the impact of digitalisation on all walks of life both visible and tangible. FlyingLabs take place in airport lounges, at conventions and trade fairs, as well as on board scheduled flights.

Our FlyingLabs on board aircraft are composed of two parts: the conference itself and product testing. You can connect to the expert presentations on board with any WLAN-enabled device, irrespective of your booking class. The speakers and their presentation slides can be seen on live video streaming. Members of the audience can ask questions in writing about the presentation to engage in a dialogue. After the conference, there is still enough time to try out a few innovative technical products on board. FlyingLabs are thematically matched to the flight destination or an event at the destination. People with the same destination often share the same interests. So by participating, you can expand your network during the flight.

* The connecting flight to Austin is not part of the FlyingLab programme.